Horseradish Mustard

The Grand Champion Winner at the 2004 Napa Valley World Wide Mustard Competition, Bookbinder’s Horseradish Mustard has a smooth base, enhanced with fresh horseradish. Use as an ingredient for vinaigrette, or as a dipping sauce for pretzels, potato skins, and your favorite meat dishes.

Flavor profile

Horseradish mustard has a smooth mustard base, enhanced with fresh horseradish.

Distilled Vinegar, Water, Mustard Seed, Horseradish, Salt, Mustard Flour, Soybean Oil, Xanthan Gum, Natural & Artificial Flavor, Yellow 5.

Pretzels and beer, Bratwurst and sauerkraut, Meatloaf, Ingredient for vinaigrette, Potato skins

Baked Beans

Horseradish Mustard Potato Skins

Midwest Hot Dogs

Pretzel Bites

Roasted Potatoes with Bookbinder's Horseradish Mustard

Sausage Bread

Smashed Burger Tacos

Smokin' Hot Sausage

  • Delicious

    By Laurie from Boston, MA
    November 12, 2021

    I love horseradish! So combined with mustard, yummy! I use on my turkey, ham and cheese sandwiches! Perfect amount of heat. Definitely a must try for horseradish lovers!

  • Cutting Edge Chef

    By Razor Bahr from Catonsville
    March 17, 2021

    Hi Lisa from Massachusetts. Add some rice wine vinegar and fresh-squeezed pineapple juice. Let me know how it works out ;)!

  • Ms.

    By Lisa from Massachusetts
    June 13, 2020

    Hi I am thinking of using this for a sauce for wings after being cooked on the grilll. Any ideas for other ingredients to thin out the sauce a little and sweeten it up a bit?

  • Ms.

    By Pamela Curcio from New Jersey
    February 14, 2020

    I love this mustard.

    It is difficult to find where I live in Ewing, NJ.

    The Acme stores seemed to be the only store and now the local stores stopped selling it.

    There is no other like that mustard or the cocktail sauce!

  • Mr.

    By John Doherty from Glen, MN
    October 31, 2019

    I have tried to find the horseradish mustard through out most of Minnesota and eastern North Dakota. It very exspensive if puchased on line. WHY?

  • Ms.

    By Roberta Dolbow from Pilesgrove,NJ
    September 15, 2019

    I am unable to find in my area,what’s up? Love this so much better than the Dijon.

  • Retired

    By Ioan Oakes from Centennial, Colorado
    July 14, 2019

    Where can I find this mustard in Denver area of Colorado In what stores?.

  • Where canI get this????

    By Lisa Naiburg from , NY
    July 8, 2019

    I love this mustard. It is amazing. I used to be able to get it at a small local market. No longer. I even spend half a year in FL and cannot get it there! But to order 3 bottles, it’s almost $29 in shipping fees. Really???!!!!!!

  • Mrs

    By robin woodell from Baltimore
    January 20, 2019

    Best mustard ever!!

    Can’t find in stores in Baltimore.

  • Mr.

    By Wayne Eaton from Fayetteville nc
    June 25, 2017

    Well balanced between mustard and horseradish..It is now a must have for a turkey sandwich!

  • Good stuff!

    By Bob from South Carolina
    February 1, 2017

    Excellent mustard, nice horseradish taste without being overpowering.

  • excellent mustard

    By Bob from South Carolina
    February 1, 2017

    Excellent mustard. Nice horseradish taste without being too overpowering. Superb on sandwiches.

  • mr.

    By bill from copperas cove, tx.
    February 23, 2015

    this is the best mustard I have ever had. it makes the best sandwichs

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