• Are your products all Gluten Free?

    Most of our products do not contain gluten as an ingredient, however, other ingredients used may contain gluten. The vinegar used in our products is distilled from corn. The Food Starch used in some of our formulations is made from corn.

  • Are your products Kosher?

    All of our products are Kosher certified through Orthodox Union. For a copy of our Kosher certificate, please contact us.

  • How do I read the code date?

    The code dates on our Bookbinder’s products read as Best When Used by Date. Always check this date to assure that you are buying the freshest available products.

  • How long can I use your horseradish products after the expiration?

    Bookbinder’s products stored under refrigeration will retain their flavor and "heat" for an extended period of time. It is a matter of personal taste. As horseradish ages and is exposed to air, it will in time lose some of its heat.

  • How can I grow my own horseradish?

    Horseradish is planted in either spring or fall of the year, by using the stock from trimmings of the crop's main root at harvest. For optimal harvest, it is best to allow the root to mature for one entire year.

  • Do you sell Bookbinder's Specialties Soups, Seasonings and Breadcrumbs?

    No we only sell Bookbinder's Specialty Sauces, Seafood Sauces and Mustards.

  • What are the "spices" listed in your products ingredient statements as I am intolerant to some spices?

    Please submit your question through our contact page or call our Customer Service line at 1-800-826-7322 with your specific question and we will be pleased to address your concern.

  • Shipping Policy

    Orders will be processed by the next business day. Ship date will be determined by service level and product type to ensure the best quality product. Shipping transit is calculated by business days and does not include weekends or holidays.

  • Can your product packaging be recycled?

    Plastic containers and lids can be recycled, must remove the label before recycling.